About TFM

About TFM
Ms. Tran Thanh Hien
Montessori Researcher (COP AMI)
Founder of Tiny Flower Montessori School

“TFM - A place to send parents' love”

In order to set the direction for Tiny Flower Montessori School to apply Montessori education method - AMI International Montessori Association integrated with national standard program, to help the children be more excited about practical experience. It is where children will learn and develop their own skills. Each presentation will be guided individually or as a group, Helping the children to develop better both physical and mental aspects. 

TFM constantly trying to achieve perfection and great development, Has achieved the title of national standard for preschool since 2018. TFM always want to bring good values for a child's development of their future.

With the above orientation, therefore, since the year 2013, Ms Trần Thanh Hiền - Founder of Tiny Flower Montessori School, has connected and cooperated with AMI Association Montessori International (COP AMI), Heutink Corporation - Manufacturer of Nienhuis Montessori (Netherlands), Northeastern US Training Center (MTCNE - AMI Association Montessori International), University of Social Sciences & Humanities, Ho Chi Minh City, Montessori Education Vietnam Co., Ltd Association to jointly develop Montessori Method in Vietnam in general and at TFM in particular.


TFM students have achieved good results in their studies as well as achieved high achievements when participating in activities outside the school such as Aerobics Competition, Phu My Hung Young Talent Competition, Art Festival Competition.

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School Achievements

TFM School is one of the leading schools in the quality of preschool education in general and Montessori method in particular in Vietnam. TFM School has received compliments from Departments of education for their noble titles and receive the trust of all the parents and the community.

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Board Of Education

Board Of Education

Our teachers always respect the values of professional ethics, understand children's psychology as a guide, support and always accompany the children, always ready to listen, share and coordinate closely with parents in child care and education. The staffs of TFM regularly participates in professional training programs and in seminar programs, professional training programs on Montessori Method under the Montessori philosophy of International Montessori Association AMI organization, or other courses to improve pedagogical skills in the country as well as abroad. 

Pedagogical group of TFM always actively improve professional qualifications, high achievements in the education sector such as: the title of typical young teachers, excellent teachers at the school and district level, and competent emulation as well as actively participating in local social activities.




The room system and function areas includes: The Library, Music, Drawing and Painting, Dance, and the Physical Education Rooms, the dining area is located in the ground floor to create a harmonious...

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TFM does not only give priority on investing on inside infrastructure and equipments, but also focus on the playground of the children. The playground of the school was under the consultation of the...

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The system of classrooms are painted with soothing colors, harmoniously and carefully selected to ensure the concentration of the children during learning. The cooling system in the classrooms and...

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